Rows: 62 - Columns: 10
Updated: 7th August 2015
Details of on time applications for Infant, Junior and Primary Schools and details of offers made including the last category offered under the admissions criteria if school oversubscribed. Data sourced from Appendix 1, B&NES Primary Admissions booklet (attached).
Rows: 232 - Columns: 80
Updated: 11th June 2019
Management information published monthly and a one-off publication of inspection outcomes from 2005 to 2015.
Rows: 78 - Columns: 50
Updated: 21st September 2015
Overview of size, religious denomination and demographics of local schools. Merged version of Dept. for Education census and spine datasets for schools & colleges in BANES (local authority code 800).
External Dataset 
Rows: 0 - Columns: 0
Updated: 19th October 2014
KS2, KS4 & KS5 performance data plus pupil spending, staff costs and pupil absence data for schools and colleges in BANES (local authority no. 800)
Rows: 92 - Columns: 28
Updated: 6th June 2019
BANES schools with address, email, website, telephone & fax number details, where available.
Rows: 113 - Columns: 6
Updated: 22nd October 2015
Schools & healthcare facilities in BANES.

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