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Updated: 12th February 2016
A sample of the Environment Agency point cloud data due for release at the end of February 2016. The sample covers an area starting in the city of Bath and stretching west along the valley towards Keynsham.
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Updated: 10th February 2016
Allotments owned and managed by Bath and North East Somerset Council.
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Updated: 11th June 2019
Recycling Centres offering recycling and waste disposal services for local residents.
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Updated: 10th February 2016
Smoke Control Areas: Areas within Bath & North East Somerset where smoke control legislation applies. Within these areas you are required to either burn approved smokeless fuels or require an appliance which has been approved by DEFRA as being smoke...
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Updated: 10th February 2016
Local Plan adopted 2007 Policy SR1A. Defines the boundaries of protected recreational open space throughout the District, including that not currently available for public use such as some school play.
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Updated: 8th February 2016
A collection of national & local geographic datasets, subsetted to the BANES area
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Updated: 10th February 2016
Minerals Consultation Areas are defined to ensure that the Mineral Planning Authority is informed of significant development proposals which may adversely affect minerals resources and has the opportunity to comment upon or oppose them. Local Plan adopted 2007 (Policy M.2)
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Updated: 10th February 2016
Local Plan adopted 2007 Policy SR10. Defines the boundaries of areas where recreational development associated with the waterways may be acceptable.
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Updated: 27th March 2017
Extract from Open Flood Risk By Postcode containing just postcodes within Bath and North East Somerset. Open Flood Risk By Postcode assigns flood risks to postcodes based on the Environment Agency's Risk of Flooding by Rivers and Sea dataset.
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Updated: 22nd April 2017
Site codes and locations for sites used in the dataset Bat Survey 2016 Observations.
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Updated: 17th May 2017
This repository is designed to make it easier to share, create and work with data which has a geographic basis.
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Updated: 22nd April 2017
Field descriptions for the dataset Bat Survey 2016 Observations.

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