Rows: 67,832 - Columns: 16
Updated: 16th November 2018
The price paid for every house sold in BANES since 1995.
Rows: 11,261 - Columns: 56
Updated: 11th June 2019
Please bear in mind that local businesses may not have their registered address in the B&NES area.
Rows: 6,442 - Columns: 8
Updated: 7th August 2015
No description
Rows: 165 - Columns: 6
Updated: 11th June 2019
The locations and closing times of a selection of bars & pubs in Bath, as provided by NightCapp.
Rows: 6,494 - Columns: 11
Updated: 22nd October 2015
Speeds above 30Mb/s are clamped at 30. Connections below 3 have been clamped at 2. Location is postcode centroid.
Rows: 17 - Columns: 2
Updated: 7th August 2015
This dataset shows the ratio of median house prices to median earnings since 1997.
Rows: 116 - Columns: 4
Updated: 7th August 2015
Broadband data aggregated to LSOA - sourced from
Rows: 78 - Columns: 11
Updated: 7th August 2015
Buy with confidence is a scheme run by Local Authorities which provides consumers with a list of local businesses which have given their commitment to trading fairly. Every business listed has undergone a series of detailed checks before being approved...
Rows: 38 - Columns: 15
Updated: 21st September 2015
Rooftop locations & addresses of BANES supermarkets.
Rows: 6 - Columns: 17
Updated: 7th August 2015
Each year, VisitEngland invites all English visitor attractions to take part in an annual survey, recording visitor numbers alongside other key information such as entrance fees and visitor profiles.
Rows: 188 - Columns: 18
Updated: 5th February 2018
Details of all Post Office Branches in Bath & North East Somerset (with the exception of some non-public sites). The details included are an ID number, the branch name, address, postcode, status (open or temporarily closed), type (directly managed branch...
Rows: 173 - Columns: 9
Updated: 11th June 2019
Subset of the Open Pubs dataset including only pubs falling within the Bath and North East Somerset local authority.

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