Rows: 7,665 - Columns: 33
Updated: 21st September 2015
Road accidents occurring in BANES since 1996.
Rows: 1,082 - Columns: 26
Updated: 21st September 2015
This file contains the annual traffic (otherwise known as volume of traffic) on each link of
Rows: 103,892 - Columns: 21
Updated: 17th September 2015
The National Statistics Address Lookup (NSAL) relates the Unique Property Reference
Rows: 583 - Columns: 11
Updated: 17th September 2015
Area classifications group together geographic areas according to key characteristics common to the population in that grouping. These groupings are called clusters and are derived using census data
Rows: 79 - Columns: 5
Updated: 17th September 2015
The Eat Out Eat Well Award has been developed to reward food outlets that provide their customers with healthier choices. It has three levels – Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and is symbolised by an apple logo in the shape of...
Rows: 1,637 - Columns: 9
Updated: 7th August 2015
Registered GP surgery of B&NES *resident* population subset from the Health and Social Care Information Centre data, including lookups
Rows: 112 - Columns: 8
Updated: 7th August 2015
No description
Rows: 455 - Columns: 7
Updated: 7th August 2015
Local Authorities Members' Allowances (England) Regulations, 2003 require the Council to publish details of the actual allowances paid to its elected Councillors and Co-opted Members of Council Committees and Sub-Committees each financial year.
Rows: 105 - Columns: 7
Updated: 7th August 2015
Results of the 2011 local election, per ward. Dataset will expand to include results of other years and constituencies.
Rows: 16 - Columns: 33
Updated: 7th August 2015
Number of votes in each ward, including the size of the electorate and voter turnout. Currently 2011 in the Bath constituency, will expand for other years and wards in NES in the future
Rows: 182 - Columns: 22
Updated: 7th August 2015
Cut from
Rows: 58 - Columns: 10
Updated: 7th August 2015
A list of trades and occupations in all the shops and houses along Moorland Road. The data is taken from Post Office directories in snapshots from 1890 and then in stages by decade thereafter up to 1970. In the early...

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