Rows: 6 - Columns: 12
Updated: 21st July 2024
Shows live information for the occupancy of BANES car parks, including capacity, occupancy, status (filling/static/emptying) and when the data was last updated.
Rows: 3,500,110 - Columns: 12
Updated: 10th February 2020
Shows the trend of occupancy of BANES car parks, with data updated every 5 minutes. Includes full up-to-date data.
Rows: 5 - Columns: 14
Updated: 10th February 2020
Variable message signs shown on highways.
Rows: 3 - Columns: 9
Updated: 10th February 2020
Community agriculture sites.
Rows: 76,137 - Columns: 56
Updated: 10th February 2020
Bath and north East Somerset Council buildings Gas usage data from 2014.
Rows: 5,134 - Columns: 11
Updated: 10th February 2020
Please note, locations within this dataset are mapped to the centre of the nearest road. So while accurate to the report location, they are not exact. This dataset shows requests received by the environmental protection team.
Rows: 166,276 - Columns: 56
Updated: 10th February 2020
Electricity energy usage data in Council buildings. Please treat this data as currently experimental (although as accurate as we are aware of) and subject to change.
Rows: 110,183 - Columns: 9
Updated: 10th February 2020
Updated monthly or quarterly, depending when publish the data.
Rows: 4 - Columns: 10
Updated: 9th February 2020
Locations and details of community orchards in the area
Rows: 8 - Columns: 10
Updated: 9th February 2020
Community and Guerilla gardening locations.
Rows: 648 - Columns: 13
Updated: 9th February 2020
Recently completed, current, and planned streetworks.
Rows: 79,332 - Columns: 27
Updated: 9th February 2020
Details of planning applications including location and relevant dates.

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