Rows: 37 - Columns: 14
Updated: 1st February 2020
The locations of all electric vehicle charging points in BANES.
Rows: 25 - Columns: 10
Updated: 6th January 2020
A Premises Licence, issued under the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act), is required for any premises where it is intended to provide gambling facilities. These are listed here, with licence details.
Rows: 21 - Columns: 16
Updated: 6th January 2020
To run a business where petrol is stored for dispensing directly into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine - or where large amounts of petrol are stored for private use - you need a licence. Petroleum means any...
Rows: 10,437 - Columns: 20
Updated: 6th January 2020
Includes licences for three licence types: Premises, Club premises and Event notices. Will contain details of activities at the premises and sale of alcohol.
Rows: 1 - Columns: 13
Updated: 6th January 2020
To run a zoo you need a licence from the local authority. Unless a shorter period is specifically stated, all licences will be granted for one year and renewed annually.
Rows: 78 - Columns: 5
Updated: 5th January 2020
A list of bicycle shops in BANES, pulled using the Google Places API.
Rows: 1,736 - Columns: 20
Updated: 16th October 2019
Data published by BANES under the Food Standards Agency Rating scheme.
Rows: 564 - Columns: 9
Updated: 30th July 2019
Artist Perry Harris draws cartoons featuring different locations in and around Bath. This dataset has a list of all of his cartoons along with their their location. This data is published with the permission of Perry.
Rows: 8 - Columns: 9
Updated: 1st July 2019
No description
Rows: 10,210 - Columns: 38
Updated: 17th June 2019
Incident data for the Bath authority from the Avon Fire Service.
Rows: 232 - Columns: 80
Updated: 11th June 2019
Management information published monthly and a one-off publication of inspection outcomes from 2005 to 2015.
Rows: 173 - Columns: 9
Updated: 11th June 2019
Subset of the Open Pubs dataset including only pubs falling within the Bath and North East Somerset local authority.

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