Rows: 92 - Columns: 28
Updated: 6th June 2019
BANES schools with address, email, website, telephone & fax number details, where available.
Rows: 211 - Columns: 5
Updated: 6th June 2019
The LibraryThing ( community maintain metadata about books, including key locations in the text. This dataset contains a list of the Library Thing books that are known to be set in Bath. The dataset includes the Library Thing identifier and...
Rows: 16 - Columns: 9
Updated: 6th June 2019
To carry out charity collections going from door to door, shop to shop, or pub to pub you need permission from the local authority. A permit allows a collection for money or goods, including clothing. Some national charities gain exemption...
Rows: 22,695 - Columns: 6
Updated: 6th June 2019
This dataset is an extract from the British National Bibliography (BNB) and contains a list of books published in Bath. Each row of the dataset provide the name, isbn and author name for a published book along with its unique...
Rows: 11,201 - Columns: 15
Updated: 6th June 2019
Parliamentary votes, speeches & written answers involving Bath's MP.
Rows: 424,106 - Columns: 11
Updated: 3rd June 2019
Air quality data from sensors across B&NES. Measurements collected at 15-60 min intervals. Data acquired from sensors at 1-4 hour intervals.
Rows: 1,094 - Columns: 8
Updated: 3rd May 2019
Candidate details, party and result for elections to wards in Bath and North East Somerset Council, including all-out 4-yearly elections in 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019, including by-elections.
Rows: 67,832 - Columns: 16
Updated: 16th November 2018
The price paid for every house sold in BANES since 1995.
Rows: 67 - Columns: 7
Updated: 7th October 2018
No description
Rows: 220,334 - Columns: 11
Updated: 5th February 2018
In June 2010 the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government wrote to all councils asking them to publish items of spend over £500.
Rows: 188 - Columns: 18
Updated: 5th February 2018
Details of all Post Office Branches in Bath & North East Somerset (with the exception of some non-public sites). The details included are an ID number, the branch name, address, postcode, status (open or temporarily closed), type (directly managed branch...
Rows: 0 - Columns: 0
Updated: 17th November 2017
Register of assets as required by The Localism Act 2011

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